Semiconductor is UK artist duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Over the past twenty years of collaboration they have become known for a unique and innovative body of moving image works, sculptures and installations, which explore the material nature of our physical world and how we experience it through the lens of science and technology.


  • 2021 5/10 - 28/10

    Semiconductor, Tolbooth Gallery, Stirling, Scotland. Solo show. Exhibiting Parting the Waves and Black Rain.

  • 2021 09/10 - 2022 02/01

    Au-delà du réel ?, Nemo Festival, 104-Paris, France. Group show exhibiting, Earthworks, 20Hz and Where Shapes Come From.

  • 2021 21-30/06

    HALO exhibition presented by John Hansard Gallery at MAST Mayflower Studios, Southampton, UK.

  • 2021 19/05 - 04/06

    HALO’s UK premiere at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA), University of Sussex, Brighton as part of Brighton Festival.