Acousticity (still), 2006

HD single channel / surround sound
A Semiconductor work by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt.

Acousticity is a site specific animation commissioned by Prague Contemporary Art Festival, June 2006 as part of the show In a Silent Way: Susan Philipsz, Mark Bain, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Semiconductor, Martin Janicek, Yuji Oshima and Paolo Piscitelli. Curated By Daniele Balit.

During many excursions around the Czech capital, Semiconductor photographed and recorded the sights and sounds of the city; reaching from the suburbs and its factories to the city’s famous medieval centre. Each section of the film is controlled and animated by the sound that was recorded in situ at time of the photography, creating a physical connection between the images and the audio. The animated photos bring to life the fabric of the city using resonance to open a window onto the physicality of the structures themselves. The buildings appear to be exploding with energetic particles leaving it unclear whether we are looking at time speeded up, or an unseen moment in time.

Worlds in Flux DVD

various lengths
A Semiconductor work by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt.
Released by Fat Cat Records

13 Semiconductor works on DVD in Europe/USA/Japan PAL + NTSC
Buy at: LUX.

Supported by Arts Council England. Released by Fat Cat Records.

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1 Brilliant Noise
2 The Sound of Microclimates
3 Múm-Green Grass of Tunnel
4 Inaudible Cities
5 Strata
6 QT – qqq
7 Mini Epochs
8 Sonic Inc (extracts)
9 Digital Anthrax
10 Earthquake Films
11 Do You Think Science…
12 All the Time in the World
13 Double Adaptor – 200 Nanowebbers

Including 11 specially commissioned alternate Brilliant Noise soundtracks by:

Antenna Farm
Thomas Dimuzio
Robert Hampson
Iris Garrelfs
Our Brother The Native
Max Richter
The Twilight Sad
Cristian Vogel

10 page booklet with essay by Ken Hollings.

“Essential viewing if you have any interest in the converging worlds of audio and visual digital art. (Kultureflash)

“A jam packed DVD from one of the audio-visual world’s most intriguing acts – a must see. ” (Boomkat)

“Versatile but always coherent in style and visual options Semiconductor are definitively placed in our personal hall of fame of digital cinematic artists . ” (

Hi-Fi Rise DVD


various lengths
Self released DVD 14 short films + DVD-Rom
A Semiconductor work by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt.

Last few copies available online from LUX

Text from 2001:

This DVD debut by Semiconductor is one of the first independently produced DVD compilations of short films to be released. Set within a unique environment the films can either be searched for individually or all played on loop infinitely.

Featuring 14 moving image works, 8 by Semiconductor themselves and 6 from guests artists.

Semiconductor literally make films out of sound, transforming it into a visual material to compose landscapes and sound worlds. Their music can be described as a contradiction where ‘musique concrete’ becomes simultaneously hypnotic and violent, minimal and maximal. While many of their films are processed based explorations of sound and the moving image others explore animated fictional cities. ‘Retropolis’ takes you through an imaginary London where all you see and hear is the electricity passing through millions of flickering light bulbs or ‘Linear’ that links the sub-atomic world of ‘String theory’ to our own urban landscapes through the vibrations of sound.

Each of the guest musicians has either produced a film of their own or collaborated with a film maker:
Dat Politics work with Qubo Gas to produce an insane pixel cut up, while People Like Us brings her ‘plunderphonic’ music techniques to video. Others, such as Ian Helliwell, touch on the infamous early abstract films or in the case of Amon Tobin’s ‘Slowly’ (NinjaTune), Ben Rivers and Jeremy Butler create a delicate world out of familiar products. Cities are further explored by Process / Yvette Klein who take a trip through fragmented places and moments while Top Hat Productions test out their specially prepared pattern recognition glasses in public.

Also on the disk is a DVD-Rom section ‘Earthquake Films’ for PC and Mac where you can search further for the moving image within a sonic landscape.

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Supported by Arts Council England